• The 512 Project

    StanceWorks is proud to announce a special collaboration with Fatlace / HellaFlush in the form of an event far different then either entities have done before. In the constant pursuit of thinking “outside the box” in coming up with new experiences that few have been apart of, we present to you The 512 Project.

    This event will occur on June 26th and will take place in capital of the Lone Star State: Austin, Texas. More importantly is not where it is occurring, but more “on what” it is occurring. I would like to present to you DriveWayAustin.

    Driveway Austin is a unique motor sports training and entertainment complex located in the heart of Austin, Texas. This state-of-the-art motoring academy brings a European style and flair to Central Texas. The superb Grand Prix Course has elevation changes, signature corners, extensive training facilities and a F1 caliber track that weaves its way through canopies of trees alongside the Colorado River.

    The world class circuit design incorporates features of internationally famous tracks around the world including Fiorno, Imola, Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta and Monaco.

    Pictures are worth 1000 words though, so here is a taste of what the track looks like:

    We will be renting out the entire track for the day. So your going, “well sure, plenty of people hold car shows out at tracks… what’s the big deal?” This is true, but how many car shows happen ON the track?

    Yes, that’s right… the event will be happening ON the track. The cars will be parked up and down the sides of this unique motor sport creation that few have ever even seen being that it’s mere inception started in 2007.

    DJ Dawodu will be laying down the beats, with give-a-ways from various vendors and sponsors, as well as other surprises… more to follow.

    One of the biggest notables is our media partners that will be attending. Our good friends at AWOL and WagenWerks will be in attendance to do what they do best. On top of that, the crew from 360VM will be out filming as well as some of the best photographers in the scene right now, including representatives from Speedhunters, HellaFlush and of course StanceWorks. Suffice to say, if you have been looking to have your car covered in ways that few have, that should be reason enough to show up. More notables will be announced along the way.

    However, we are not stopping there.

    For all registered cars, our friends at MayDayGarage will be hosting staged rallies from Dallas and Houston called “The Capital Run.” You will be given a starting point late the night before, to meet up the following morning to cruise down to the event for early roll-in. All cars in the show will be set up in advance before the gates open around noon.

    Not done yet…

    After the show, we will be having a “after-show party” at the official hotel of the event, the A-Loft hotel just north of Austin in the trendy town center called The Domain.

    We will have the bar / lounge where happy hour prices will be available to attendees up to 11pm for those 21 and above. We will have a live DJ spinning, as well as safe and secure parking for all attendees.

    We have been given a discounted rate of $89.00 a night vs the normal pricing of $149.00. Be sure to mention the 512 Project when registering for the discount.

    Here is the hotel info:

    A-Loft Hotel
    11601 Domain Drive
    Austin, TX 78758
    P 512.491.0777

    We have caravans already forming in the NorthEast, Southeast, Las Vegas, and California areas. This show will be bringing people in from all over the country, so if you want to make the show, more then likely there will be a group traveling from your area.

    As a special note to the NorthEast caravan, you will have the pleasure of Stephen from Wagenwerks / AWOL.tv traveling with you, documenting the road trip down. If you need evidence to his abilities please see www.wagenwerks.com or www.awol.tv.

    All cars must be registered in advance of the show, and it will be $35 to register. This will give you two passes for you and a passenger and also allow you to participate in the rally from Dallas or Houston. Spectator tickets will be $10 at the gate. This event is for cars based around the Flush / Stance scene and all cars will be pre-screened. We are being fairly loose on the definition of wheel fitment, so if you think you car is dialed in please register it. We don’t want anyone to miss this!

    Register Here
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    1. JDM Autosports's Avatar
      ***** you wish you was the CEO...
    1. NastyNando's Avatar
      I'm the CEO... haha
    1. nyckid's Avatar
      I'm so ready for this. Just a few more weeks away. Going to be a blast going with everyone to this, not to mention some time away from Houston as well. It's going to be a mini vacation for me!
    1. Mrs. JDM's Avatar
      I'm so excited and i just can't hide it ...
    1. soundmike's Avatar
      ^ corny ha?
    1. nyckid's Avatar
      Hahah Mike. It's a few days away. Going to be fun hanging out with you guys and gals again. Make sure you all bring some chairs unless you guys like standing.
    1. Black Betty's Avatar
      OK,the party is officially on now people because I'm coming.
    1. popcornten's Avatar
      Being a DriveWay Austin student - it's a pretty sweet track

      Too bad no driving events; Bill is pretty strict about that stuff.