• Product review: RJM AFP clutch pedal system

    Well I finally got my RJM AFP clutch pedal assembly installed. I punched myself in the face for procrastinating so long. The install was a real PITA due to extremely tight space and difficulty accessing the work area with 2 hands (more on that later). But after it was done, the difference made it worthwhile.

    I have only taken a short 30 minute test drive so I don't have long term observations to share. But the difference is extremely noticeable even with the first shift into reverse to back out of the garage.

    The clutch engagement is no longer like an on/off switch. It's more nuanced. Think dimmer switch vs traditional light switch. The bucking you sometimes get when starting off in 1st gear even though you are an experienced MT driver - completely gone. The lurch you sometimes get when releasing the pedal after the 1-2 shift if you aren't careful - gone. Instead of the clutch engaging/disengaging very high up near the top of the pedal stroke you can adjust it to begin to engage as low as 1" above the floor and also adjust the length of the engagement window to prevent it being so abrupt as the OEM pedal assembly does. The problem isn't our clutch. It's how the OEM pedal mechanism engages it.

    I rate this mod very highly. A "must have" for any 6MT driver. I rate it as a very good value as well. Ryan is very easy to deal with and helpful. The fact that he's constantly listening to user feedback and incorporating small revisions to make the product better speaks volumes.

    The only drawback is that the install is not too easy. Not technically difficult, but hard because of the lack of space to work and the difficult to access location under the dash. Typically you'd have to lie with your back across the door sill and your head and arms shoved into the footwell. Yes, it is as uncomfortable a work position as you can imagine, especially if you're not petite or have long arms. Near the end of the install I ran into such difficulty that I wasn't able to proceed past a certain point. I found a solution to make it much better. I removed the driver seat entirely and laid flat on my back in the floor with my feet up on the rear seat. This was infinitely more comfortable (though still not ideal) and I was better able to position my head (for better visibility) and both arms and hands (for dexterity). I recommend doing it this way from the start, I'd have saved myself a few cramps and backaches and about an hour.

    I have tried all of the various ways to improve the clutch feel in the G37. Adjusting the master cylinder rod, lighter return spring, etc. The bottom line - spend the money for this mod, do it right the first time, enjoy driving your car more.

    This mod is strongly Black Betty recommended and approved.

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    1. kricci's Avatar
      Great write up Jeremy - sounds like a nice upgrade!