• August 2012 - Old Memories

    Well, I felt like updating the front page with something interesting for August. I was going through images on my computer to put together my progression thread on G35driver when I stumbled upon this classic image.

    Can anyone guess when, where, and what event we were at when this image was taken? I'll give you some hints.

    Obviously, this image is pretty old since this was when Gabe still had his Volk SF-Challenges on his sedan, as well as the OEM tan headliner.

    But also notice my car has the Hikkata Dori hood installed.

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    1. lilboi1900's Avatar
      all i remember is gulf greyhound and i had stock z wheels...
    1. kricci's Avatar
      I came late! Had gts's and my new trunk
    1. G_VQ3589's Avatar
      Great times!
    1. InvaderXin's Avatar
      Hieu is on the right track with Gulf Greyhound, but it wasn't CCM Houston.

      Kevin is on the right track too, since he showed up late.

      What's the event?
    1. lilboi1900's Avatar
      lone star drift?? I remember it had drifting...
    1. soundmike's Avatar
    1. kricci's Avatar
      Yessir and the z that almost flipped while drifting. November of 2011??
    1. G_VQ3589's Avatar
      It is CCM isn't it
    1. InvaderXin's Avatar
      Drifting is right.

      But this was the NST event that Imported Performance helped out on and we got invited to go by Stephen and Megan.... we all know how well that relationship turned out.

      They had drifting at CCM San Antonio that myself, Gabe, Anthony, Jason, and Ian all went to.
    1. G_VQ3589's Avatar
      The first pic of my sedan and everyone in a line was the IP event cuz it was cold

      the line up with Kwons gay *** was CCM cuz that is when he stuck the decal on his car with tape
    1. kricci's Avatar
      Yes the first pic was what son was referring to. Hieu screwed everything up with his post... Like usual.
    1. InvaderXin's Avatar
      And that is exactly why Kwon got ostracized.
    1. Black Betty's Avatar
      I was there. Where the hell are the pictures of me?
    1. Danny's Avatar
      i think i have a video from that event.