• June 2012 - Throwback Kind of Mood

    Old video of us last late summer / early fall, headed back from Dallas after XDC Finals.

    I felt like bringing back some old memories.

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    1. G_VQ3589's Avatar
      SGZ FO LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Black Betty's Avatar
      Sad memories for me. Very sorry that I had to miss that one.

      But happy for all the good times you guys had. I'll live vicariously through your tales of merriment and comraderie.
    1. icfp1980's Avatar
      Damn!!! Did y'all see those chrome wheels choppin up the pavement???? Hahahaha
    1. kricci's Avatar
      I had to dip out super early and head back to Jeremy's ****ty state unfortunately... but that was a good time regardless!!
    1. G_VQ3589's Avatar
      Everyone's car looked different!
    1. soundmike's Avatar
      My car looks awesome!
    1. JDM Autosports's Avatar
      My car looks the same! LOL