• May 2012 - I'm Back

    Car is back in my possession after my terrible accident in Oklahoma City back in March. So without further adieu, I'm back you jerk offs.

    Oh, and I must add that summer is approaching soon. So that means BBQ at my place next to the pool. I will keep everyone informed.

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    1. soundmike's Avatar
      You were never gone, silly boy.
    1. Black Betty's Avatar
      Your car still sucks. You still suck. But we still love you. Glad you have your wheels back brother.
    1. G_VQ3589's Avatar
      Wtf this guy makes an announcement like everyone gives a shiet who son is! Lame
    1. knitoe's Avatar
      Were you on 290 yesterday?
    1. Adil_G35's Avatar
      You were gone? Lol JK
      I saw your G at Baker. Glad to see everythings okay