• February 2012 - Picture(s) of the Month

    I'm a little late with these images, so I must apologize. Schedule has been kind of crazy with the upcoming road trip and mid-terms this week.

    Regardless, February's photos of the month are of Bolo getting served at no-gi Brazillian Jiu Jitsu class. Images are kind of blurry due to Bolo's constant struggle.

    Despite his large size and superior strength, Bolo is eventually forced to say "matté" to the smaller blue belt, Ben. Bolo later leaves the kumite, with his head held down in shame.

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    1. SukaZenki's Avatar
      Bolo..all you had to do was do the Dim-Mak on home skillet to subdue him.
    1. JDM Autosports's Avatar
      Bolo's thinking: I'm gonna eat you little man...

      Ben: Ohhh Noooo...It's the big muscley asian man...Come here boy...get in my guard and I show you how to tap....LOLOLOL
    1. soundmike's Avatar
      Since there are no actual captions, i'll fill in the blanks.

      1) Bolo: Hehe, i got you now!
      2) Bolo: Ha! toldya, suck it dude!
      3) Ben: TROLOLOL, you wish!
      4) Bolo: Nooooees! *fart*
    1. kricci's Avatar
      keeping ghey comment to myself...
    1. G_VQ3589's Avatar
      Why u licking his butt bolo?