• End of the Year - Part 2

    It's been a wild ride this past year, with events like XDC and IFO, along with trips to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. And who could forget when we get together for local events such as All Team Bash and our own annual Strictly G's / CentexVQ BBQ?

    I close out the second portion of my article with a collection of images of past events and amazing people that I've had the pleasure of meeting and forming lasting friendships with.

    The images aren't placed in any particular order, they're just some of my favorites. Some have been seen before, others haven't, and some have probably been forgotten. Regardless, I hope you enjoy looking at them just as much as I enjoyed searching for them.

    Great year everyone. I look forward to seeing what 2012 brings us.


    Tim Teague from Austin, TX and part of CentexVQ

    Don't let this old man fool you. Despite his appearance and his tendency to be a major dickhead, he's one of greatest friends that I've had the opportunity to meet and get to know. The newer generation of G drivers can also take a lesson from this old man when it comes to the mod department as well.


    My first meet with Strictly G's, BBQ in summer 2010

    On the road to RPM indoor show in Dallas, TX

    Road trip to Austin for Project 512 and meeting with CentexVQ. Also the first time we would meet Josh.

    Won't lie, I miss seeing Peter's bear


    JD, another G driver from College Station that I've gotten to get to know throughout the year. Been a great year, JD, and I hope to see your business take off in 2012. You know you'll definitely have me as a customer once the show season hits for 2012.


    All Team Bash, Summer 2010. Also the first time we would meet Danny

    Nando's part out.

    DIY Day, first time I would meet Bolo and JD

    Cupcake Meet - Houston


    Mike Doria, the learning and always improving photographer. Sometimes labeled as "Mike #2," he's just as important as any member of the Strictly G's, despite not being a full member. Just like "Mike #1," Mike Doria's presence is pretty rare too, due to his commitment as a member of an ICU medical staff.

    RA Sushi Meet, the first time we would meet Mike Doria


    Mike Reyes, sometimes also known as "Mike #3." Originally, Mike found my username on driver and sent me messages about wheel fitment since he wasn't too familiar with the Nissan / Infiniti platform, since he was from the Honda / Acura world. After a few PM's, Mike finally realized I was from Houston and found our way to our forums. Through a few more questions and an initial meet up, Mike and I became friends.

    Mike's old TL

    Mike's current set up. This image is right after we got his new T1S wheels on and then decided to ride to Denny's for a late night meal.


    Neil Kumar's Coupe. I miss seeing this "shady" little Indian guy!


    Mauricio, President of CentexVQ, and his wife Sandy. Mauricio has always shown us hospitality whenever we go to Austin, be it for an event or just to hang out for the weekend. He's always taken time out of his day to show us around the city and go out to 6th Street with us.


    Austin trip for Laura's birthday


    Robert Winters, another member from CentexVQ. We first met Robert when we went to Austin for Project 512. The day all of us were planning to go back home, we decided to go check out Capitol Hill before we did. Robert volunteered to take us there and show us around before we departed. Since then, Robert has always been there when we visit Austin and always looks us up when he's in Houston.

    Even though he doesn't drive a VQ platform anymore, Robert isn't a stranger to any of us. Personally, I'm just glad he made it out of his accident safely.


    Fillup, whatever the hell happened to you?!


    Paul Morgan, our sponsor turned friend. Paul has seen the early stages of Strictly G's and has seen us grow from a small, simple team to what we are today. We've always attended Paul's meets and gatherings and through those, our relationship with Paul has done nothing but grown. He's helped many of us with what we needed, be it parts for our cars or premium parking spots for meets and events that he's hosting or helping in.

    Despite being our sponsor, Paul has also grown to be one of our good friends. We're all looking forward to what events he's got under his sleeve for 2012.

    His and her's S2K at Wek'Fest Dallas

    Paul's wife, Angylique's S2K. Puts most male S2K drivers to shame.

    Best female entry!



    My twin, Jonathon Bradley. One of the coolest G drivers outside of the team that I've gotten to meet. I won't lie, I would have never thought a guy from Mississippi would be into modding imports. I figured he would have been more of a truck guy... go figure, right?


    May Alex's car, RIP

    Ian becoming an official member before our convoy to Austin

    Austin Trip..... with $2 Jager Bombs thrown into the mix

    Towing Jeremy home from Austin to Baytown

    Ryan and Beth's wedding

    The guys from MSO, Quan and Roy do some good things with that organization.

    Ryan's birthday at City Center


    Mike Hill, a 350Z driver from Team Rogue Alliance. With the amount of time that he's spent with our team, he'd pretty much already be a member if he didn't drive a damn 350Z. Sorry Mike, can't make exceptions... even for you. But that doesn't stop us from calling you up whenever we have our meets and events.


    Kevin's new daily driver, Lexus IS250

    Wek'Fest Dallas roll in with Paul Morgan and Baker Tuning

    My photoshoot for Lusso Forged wheels by Jason Scott

    The last images are reserved for Hieu's going away cruise. Even though the weather was absolutely terrible, it wouldn't stop us from cruising down to Galveston with Hieu for his last weekend in Houston. We ended the cruise at Fish Tales in Galveston. Afterward, we'd all go home, recharge our batteries, and head out to Hieu's house for late night BBQ and drinks. Sorry, no images of that since it would incriminate some people. And I must add, it wasn't me that was stumbling all over the place this time.

    Been an amazing experience. Let's make 2012 an even better one.

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    1. R3diK3r0u5's Avatar
      these last two editions are great
      lovin all the pics

      here's to 2012; an eventful year to come
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      Another awesome read, thanks Son. And BTW who said I was old lolololol?
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      What a way to wrap up 2011 man. Can't wait what's in store for 2012! Hope to make it out on more events this year.
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      Awsum Son thanks for taking the time to write these two articles.

      Where are these pics coming from?
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      Thanks for the comments. I had a lot of fun with Part 2, except when it came to resizing the images to what they all are when I post them in the articles.

      Bolo, most of the pictures I have on my computer. Others are on my cell phone that I've never posted before. And the rest are gathered from Facebook pages.
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      Man what a write up! Hey Mike actually got a pic of my car! Too bad I won't be making it out to anything else anytime soon...
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      Looks great guys, I hope to be in there in a couple years!
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      Hey what rims are on the BlackG35 Coupe? (9th Photo Down) are those Volk? if so what Model?