• We are looking for full-time writers!

    Do you love to write? Do you love cars? Is it your dream to become an editor or a journalist for a magazine or newspaper? If so, look no further. Strictly G's is looking for a few wonderful people who would love to write articles for our main page. If you think you got what it takes, please feel free to leave me a pm. Serious inquiries only. Must be an active member of the group and be committed to writing articles. Must have the ability to work independently and keep up with modern trends revolving around the import and tuner lifestyles.

    We would love to read and learn about product reviews, event coverage, upcoming events, technical service bulletins, car reviews, or anything else interesting that pertains to our group.
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    1. InvaderXin's Avatar
      Already told you that I'm down. You just gotta finish everything and give me an idea of what kind of articles you want to be written.
    1. nyckid's Avatar
      Anything that's related to our Group, Event coverage, Upcoming Events, or latest news concering our cars. Could be anything related to a TSB, problems with our cars, or product reviews.
    1. InvaderXin's Avatar
      What about other misc. stuff and reviews? Like tech gadgets and stuff like that? Or movie reviews or random news stories?