• Baker Tuning – MayDay Garage – Pre-Wek’Fest Meet – Strictly G’s Written by Son Le (InvaderXin)

    Wek’Fest is best known as the all exclusive show that has dominated the West Coast, bringing only the best cars in attendance with a large crowd of spectators to follow. MayDay Garage, one of the most respected online blog sites that cover only the best meets throughout the country and only invites the best cars and crews for their private meets. Baker Nissan, one of (if not) the only dealership in Houston that supports aftermarket performance for the VQ and HR motor frames. So what happens when you combine the above aforementioned groups and throw them into one city? You get the pre-Wek’Fest meet here in Houston at Baker Nissan, as well as great event coverage and assistance from MayDay Garage under the Wek’Fest banner.

    The meet begins in the evening, giving Strictly G’s team members ample time to prepare their rides for a proper representation of the team. However, early morning rain clouds roll in with just enough drizzle to get your car wet and dirty, a feeling that all of us know too well when it comes to proper care and detailing of our cars. Despite the slight weather mishap, Strictly G’s is still in attendance at the pre-Wek’Fest meet.

    Gabe, Jason, and myself arrive an hour early at Baker Nissan to an empty back lot by their service department, a rare sight for any dealership. We’re greeted by Paul Morgan and John P. from MayDay Garage who gives us a lane to ourselves and directs our parking. After speaking briefly with John, I already had a feeling the meet was in the very good hands of MayDay Garage personnel. With Gabe’s delegating and Jason’s unwillingness to participate in “hard-parking” his car, the three of us set the stage for other members who are straggling behind (big surprise, right?) to come park next to us. Danny, Bolo, and Ian are the next to arrive and upon their arrival, the lot begins to fill up quickly. The NSX guys show up and promptly park next to Brent Villerael’s widebody NSX being unveiled at the meet, along with some dumped STI’s and M3’s. Matt and his Z crew are parked directly across from us and immediately I noticed how great of a turnout they finally have, despite his greatest efforts to drag them out to his Rio Ranch meet on Westhiemer.

    As starting time for the meet comes around, Jeremy arrives with the infamous Black Betty’s new freshly painted Top Secret lip and we’re later joined by Josh, who can never seem to arrive on time, a trend we’re already immune to. Hieu and Anthony would later join us later in the evening, but by that time the lot is already full of cars and they’re unable to park in our lane.

    I walk throughout the lot, speaking with John and Irvin from MayDay and I immediately notice them shuffling in the quality cars into the meet and turning around the less-than stellar rides, a site that is rarely seen nowadays. It is obvious that MayDay and Wek’Fest have set a standard and are only allowing the top quality cars they deem appropriate to grace the lot. I just feel honored that the guys from MayDay garage have respect for our Team to allow us all to be in the back lot with the rest of the quality cars and quality crews.

    The guys at Baker Nissan provided great Mexican food for the all those in attendance, with Bolo taking clear advantage of the free food and going back for multiple plates throughout the evening. Tito is also at it again, providing music for the meet and spinning some old school music late 1990’s remixes and bringing back some memories for the older crowd. Familiar faces are seen throughout the meet along with new project cars and familiar cars that have gone through minor changes. Opulence and Sunworks are attendance as well as PowerFab Automotive.

    Finally, the sun sets and the street lights come on, casting dark shadows over the lot and signaling the end of a small, yet spectacular meet that blows get-togethers such as Access Zero out of the water. The lot begins to empty as participants funnel out of the lot and onto their late night endeavors. The Team says its good-byes to each other, Paul Morgan, and MayDay Garage and we’re all prepared to leave to continue our own night, be it going to Steak and Shake, watching the Mayweather / Ortiz fight, or just going home to spend time with family. And as I pull out of the main lot, trailing Bolo and Ian, I come to the realization that Strictly G’s has been recognized as one of the elite crews here in Houston, as shown by the generosity that was forwarded to us by MayDay Garage and the Wek’Fest crew. But despite the recognition, that obviously feeds a bit of my ego, I’m feel more blessed to be part of a Team that I have come to call my second family. And to me, that speaks above any recognition that we could ever receive. I’ll see you guys at XDC.

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    1. Black Betty's Avatar
      Nice summary again Son. Some nice photos by Jason as well.
    1. JDM Autosports's Avatar
      Great Job once again Son. Keep it up!
    1. Mr.G37s^6mt's Avatar

      Paul and JohnP diffidently set the standards for how every meets should be done; we need moar quality meets like this every so often.

      BUMP for the free food!! It's was eff'n gooooood....
    1. WARAT's Avatar
      Son the Scribe!!!
    1. InvaderXin's Avatar
      Thanks for the comments!

      Mike has finally give me rights to be able to publish my own articles. I'll be bringing my laptop with me to XDC so expect a day 1 article to be up on Friday night!
    1. icfp1980's Avatar
      Man, I always enjoy reading your articles. Great job! Yes this meet was top notch.