• Access Zero, Ryan's Birthday, Yardhouse, and good memories! by Son Le (InvaderXin)

    The Team arrives at Access Zero 60 and we're immediately shuffled to the premium lots. Our cars are parked, after a small bit of difficulty, and are on display at the meet for those in attendance to enjoy. Ian and myself are displaying our new brakes and we are joined by Axel, a Strictly G's newcomer who has come out to enjoy the scene and meet us. Josh would eventually join us later in the evening, as usual, but unfortunately the parking is so jammed he is separated from our group.

    Access Zero 60's scene is the same as it always has been. There are the mix of great cars and the mix of not so great cars. But despite Access Zero being a meet that contains cars, it is held for the enthusiast drivers. It's a place where we can all gather, meet and greet, and enjoy the music that DJ Tito spins on his tables. The cars is what brings us together, but it is our joy and love for the import scene that makes us a community. Jeremy is able to talk with Bryan and the guys from PowerFab, to get re-acquainted and admire his completed 700whp beast. I, on the other hand, walk the lot with some of the Team and I finally get to meet Dennis, the owner of Team Opulence's RX-8. Jason grows lazy and doesn't snap any pictures, but ironically, the ones that he does end up taking pictures of end up on his corrupted memory stick. Josh's car continues to gain admiration from the crowd and you can see a small part of Josh smile on the inside, but also grimace in the fact that his car still isn't completed until he has boost.

    "Jason grows lazy and doesn't snap any pictures"

    Unfortunately, the Team would love to stay and enjoy the crowd and partake in the scene. However, another more important event looms over the horizon as we all leave the venue to join Ryan, Beth, Ariel, Gabe, and Laura to celebrate Ryan's birthday. The Team heads out toward the City Center on I-10 and the Beltway, and after much deliberation and Jeremy's ridicule and homo jokes, we finally decide to head to Yardhouse where we are immediately seated for a table of 14. The atmosphere is great, drinks are consumed and people start laughing. Jennifer thinks she can get the upper hand on me with jokes, but I just had to politely remind her that the 80's are over and there is no reason why she should be wearing that shirt. Ryan and Axel quickly become acquainted since both practice MMA and have found a common ground. Josh and Jeremy continue to harass Gabe due to him driving a slow 1st Gen G35 Sedan and Anthony idly sits in the corner, downing drinks while he gives his single short breath replies of, "haha... I'm down."

    "Gabe... driving a slow 1st Gen G35 Sedan"

    The night comes to a close, Ryan is declared old with the double spoon legs, and the Team must once again say good-bye until the next gathering And as we all get into our beloved G's and take our separate paths on the highway, a smile creeps across my face as I come to the realization that despite how busy we may all be in with our lives, we always have a great time and we will always be a family. Strictly G's.

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    1. WARAT's Avatar
      Nice! Definitely sounds like a fun filled night as always.
    1. Mr.G37s^6mt's Avatar
      +1 with the G37 guys "Gabe... driving a slow 1st Gen G35 Sedan" ha ha
    1. icfp1980's Avatar
      Nice!!! Love your write ups.
    1. JDM Autosports's Avatar
      Always family!!! And I DON"T HAVE SPOONLEG YET!!!! LOL...
    1. djchris713's Avatar
      damnn. looks like yall had fun. hopefully ill make it out to the next one
    1. TiestoG35's Avatar
      Whats Anthony's SN ?
    1. Black Betty's Avatar
      Quote Originally Posted by TiestoG35 View Post
      Whats Anthony's SN ?
      Anthony is mrinfiniti27.