• Cars and Coffee – April 2011 by Son Le (InvaderXin)

    It’s the first Saturday of the month and Houston Car’s and Coffee is ready for another early gathering. The weather didn’t offer the most ideal conditions to host a meet for the Exotics, Tuners, Muscle Cars, and Roadsters but Houston once again shows how well the scene is represented here in the South. And despite setbacks with venues changing from Uptown to the Marquee Center, Houston Cars and Coffee decided to host it at Vintage Park, located in North Houston.

    I arrived early in the morning drizzle and I immediately noticed Bryan from PowerFab, parked out of the way from most cars and just enjoying the scene. I parked next to Bryan’s beast of a machine and had small conversation with him, while I waited for some of the rain to finally let up. As soon as the light rain let up, I decided to walk around by myself and snap a few photos. Loren, Kevin, and Scott would eventually join me later, but I just wanted the freedom to walk in between the lanes and absorb the atmosphere for myself. And as I walked through the rows of beautiful cars, I couldn’t help but notice a few things at Vintage Park.

    "The atmosphere was very pleasant, even though there was a slight drizzle."

    The atmosphere was very pleasant, even though there was a slight drizzle. There were a large amount of people that showed up on the North side and from just walking around, I could hear some of the attendants remarking on how they enjoyed the new location and that it was worth the drive out there. Starbucks on Louetta Rd. was incredibly packed with patrons partaking in their morning coffee. And even though a lot of patrons came into Starbucks, I am sure that the managers are not complaining how much money they actually made that morning.

    Traffic wasn’t a big deal either. Vintage Park offered a lot of room to walk for spectators and also a lot of room for cars to roam in and out through the lanes, just so that spectators could get a glimpse of them in motion. And as a fellow enthusiast, seeing a car in motion is completely different then seeing a car parked.

    I continued to walk through the rows of cars and a few caught my eye. The MOPAR crew always roll deep together, no matter where they’re at. I counted at least 15 MOPAR’s in a line up and every member wore their Team shirts, representing the new school American Muscle. I’m sure more MOPAR’s showed up later that morning, since they generally tend to linger around and enjoy the restaurants in the venues that Cars and Coffee is generally at. Exotics rolled in large numbers at this venue as well. The lot was decorated with their presence and of course, being the cars that most people love to see, they parked in the middle of the Vintage Park Archway.

    Seeing as how the venue was close to my house, my family decided to take a trip and experience the Cars and Coffee atmosphere themselves. I left Loren, Kevin, and Scott to take them around and spend time with them. As we all paced through the rows of numerous cars, I decided to take photos of the ones that stood out to them the most. The DeLoreans are always present at every Cars and Coffee. My oldest nephew was so intrigued by them and the fact that the “Back to the Future” car was staring directly back at him. One of the drivers of the DeLoreans gave my nephew a Hot Wheels DeLorean, after noticing how extremely excited he was. I was thoroughly touched that a complete stranger would give such a simple gift to a child that he didn’t know and it is that kind of attitude and heart that makes me continue to support the automotive scene here in Houston. My brother-in-law and his father caught a glimpse of an old classic that they haven’t seen in years. And as we approached the old Roadster, we couldn’t help but notice the extreme amount of care and love that was put into making the vehicle what it is today.

    " “Back to the Future”... was staring directly back at him."

    The morning started to come to an end as patrons started to leave the lot and head home and enjoy the cruise on the expressway. I rounded the corner to where my car was parked and saw that Bryan’s car was getting plenty of attention from the spectators at this month’s Cars and Coffee. It made me happy to see that his G35 was finally getting the attention that it deserved, after being tucked away in PowerFab’s shop corner for so long. It has been a long time for Bryan and as a fellow G35 driver, I am happy to see him approach the home stretch with his build.

    I leave Vintage Park, extremely satisfied with the turnout of this month’s Cars and Coffee. And even though initially, the weather didn’t exactly create the best conditions for the event, the venue and the atmosphere proved that Houston’s Cars and Coffee still has what it takes to host an awesome event. Hopefully, despite the incident with the GTO, Houston Cars and Coffee will choose Vintage Park as its new home and more supporters of the event will show up, to make Cars and Coffee bigger then what it was at Uptown Park.
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    1. soundmike's Avatar
      Great article, Son. Makes me feel like i was actually there! Do you know if this will be the new home of C&C from now on?

      p.s. For a camera phone, those pics turned out great!
    1. InvaderXin's Avatar
      Mike, I am bot sure if it will be or not. Especially after the incident with the GTO during the meet. We will find out next monh if it happens though. I normally just folow the details posted on their Facebook.
    1. icfp1980's Avatar
      Reading this makes me mad I couldn't go! Great write up, and hopefully we can roll deep to the next one.
    1. Danny's Avatar
      Great article Son!!......... i enjoy reading all your stuff..
    1. Mr.G37s^6mt's Avatar
      Excellent article Sir..damn which phone do you have those are nice pics